Saturday, May 21, 2011

Skirts 'n stuff

Several weeks ago Dana at made post a tut for really easy "simple skirts". I made matching ones for the girls. I supposed I should have prefaced with how I couldn't decide how I wanted to use the 1 yd of cutest fabric ever. I am totally kicking myself for not buying more of this awesome Michael miller print. I just couldn't decide how I wanted to use it and was a bit afraid that I would screw up whatever it was a chose to use it for and be forever devastated (especially since I got it from a local store for $6/yd and can now only find it for $12/yd).
The local fabric store, Fields, does these awesome specials where they will randomly put designers fabrics for $5.97/yd. I have not made the mistake again of only getting a yard. Sorry for the digression.
Without further adieu, presenting the simple skirt:

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