About Me

Welcome to my blog.  Friends call me KT for short, but I will answer to just about anything.  I am a registered nurse, specializing in peds.  In my spare time I like to craft and sew, I prefer to "upcycle" rather than purchase new (part of my effort to save the world).  I am a mom to one wild child little girl, Emma; a step mom to another wonderful (but oh-so-quiet) little girl, Heidi and a fireball boy, Noah. I am married to Martin, who is the creator of IAmNotAGeek.com (though he is kind of a geek).  I wanted to create a blog for family and friends to visit to see what is going on with our family and to also share some of my/our creations.

Meet the Fam:
Our Wild Child

Yes, this picture of Emma was taken in July.  Yes she is wearing a 6month sized dress as a shirt and winter boots.  She has a style that is ...... Unique?  She marches to the beat of her own drum, and we just love it. 

Little Miss

Our methodical, careful princess. Heidi is a true girly girl, hates dirt, loud noises, and anything "scarey" ie, boy toys.


Noah one keeps us on our toes.  He loves sports and you will rarely find him without some type of ball in his hands.

Last but not least, Mr. KT (hehe aka Martin)

This one moved into my life 4 years ago and hasn't left.  He is a self-taught webmaster/businessman, and creator of the ironically coined IAmNotAGeek.com.  Thank goodness for he who keeps me grounded :)

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