Monday, February 21, 2011


Yes, its pronounced how it sounds (mommy coffee) but shouted loud and long by a two year old.
This is what I hear every morning I don't have to work.  Not that I'm complaining, because I'd rather listen to my child shouting at me than be at work.  But the point of this entry is not how cute Emma sounds when she shouts at me, it is actually about what a naughty mommy I am.
Yes, that is a Mommy sized coffee and an Emma sized coffee.

Now, in my defense, this was a morning before she had gymnastics class and she is usually really cranky.  She is a little like her father (and maybe her mother) and does not really enjoy waking up in the morning.  She usually asks for a sip of my coffee, but then doesn't want it because she knows its too hot. 
Put Mommy coffee in a tea cup, and VOILA!  YUMMY!!!!!
"MMMMMM, Nummy"

Coffee = Happy Emma :)

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