Saturday, February 19, 2011

What do you make for boys!?

Thankfully, all you have to do to answer that question is mosey on over to Made by Rae or Made where they are having Celebrate the Boy month. 
However, I found the inspiration for Jackson's gift here.  A taggie football! It was so cute, I just had to do it.  So, I kind of remembered her tutorial (photogenic memory, its a gift and a curse) and just went with it, but my first design looked more like a round ball then a foot ball.  SOOOO, on to take two.  This time I figured out that I would have to make my lens (the eye shape that a football is pieced together with) thinner and longer.  Done and Done..... And have come up with this:

I really want to puke, yet jump with joy.  Weird, huh?  Let me explain.  I am a die hard Michigan fan.  Emily's husband is a die hard Ohio state fan.  To even bring red and white together on this level makes me sick when I think about it, let alone actually doing it! However, I sucked it up, for that sweet little one week old and I hope they enjoy it........

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